3 Life Skills You Can Learn From Performing Arts Musical Theater

Posted on: 23 June 2023


Taking classes in performing art musical theater will teach you how to find your mark on-stage, how to project to an audience, and how to hit all the right notes, but the learning can expand way beyond just the song and dance numbers you learn. While you will develop a lot of essential skills, you can also learn a lot of life skills at musical theater.

If you are thinking about enrolling in performing arts musical theater, then check out some of the life skills you will build up along the way.

1. Memorization Tactics 

A musical show could run for multiple hours. Not only do you have to learn full songs, but you could have several lines of dialogue to learn as well. Through your training, you will learn a variety of memorization tactics to help with your script. The use of memory is not just a natural ability. Anyone can learn new memory tricks and those tricks will help you in life.

You can use memory for a wide range of things and the skills you learn while working on a musical will help build a strong foundation for memory options in the future. You could use those memory skills for everyday jobs along with any other musicals you get cast in in the future.

2. Confidence

The more you perform on stage, the more confidence you will build. You will need that confidence to project to audiences, say your lines, and sing songs in front of large crowds. That confidence can carry with you offstage as you go to job interviews, interact with others, and build a career in many different fields.

The confidence you build will help blend with other skills like becoming a better speaker. The mix of skills can help you thrive in a wide range of areas.

3. Empathy

As you dive deep into the world of characters and stage performances, you will naturally build up empathy. You will care about the characters you play and eventually care about the other actors you perform with. The bonding you do on the stage can help you build a foundation as you root others on and get deep into the world of theater.

The empathy you have will help you understand others, analyze situations, and build a lot of success in the future. All of this empathy grows with the more stage productions you perform.

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