• 3 Life Skills You Can Learn From Performing Arts Musical Theater

    Taking classes in performing art musical theater will teach you how to find your mark on-stage, how to project to an audience, and how to hit all the right notes, but the learning can expand way beyond just the song and dance numbers you learn. While you will develop a lot of essential skills, you can also learn a lot of life skills at musical theater. If you are thinking about enrolling in performing arts musical theater, then check out some of the life skills you will build up along the way.
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  • 3 Ways Humidity Can Ruin Your Fine Art

    Fine art has served as a source of inspiration and a status symbol for years. Many people like to collect fine art pieces and display them in their homes. If you are starting to collect original works of art, it is essential that you create the right environment in which your collection can be stored. The environment can have a tremendous impact on the quality and stability of fine art pieces.
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