A Leather Picture Frame Can Work Well For These Images

Posted on: 9 July 2021


Wood and plastic are popular materials for picture frames, but when you visit a custom framing studio to discuss your framing needs, you'll see all sorts of other frames. Your framing professional will likely share the idea that choosing a frame material that suits the content of your picture can be a fun approach to take. One framing material is leather, which can work well for several different types of photos. If you feel that a leather picture frame would work well in your home, you may wish to request that the framer frames your picture in a custom leather frame. A leather frame can be a good complement to these types of photos.


If you're an avid motorcyclist and you're looking to frame a photo of you on your bike, a leather frame can be a good option. Many motorcyclists dress in a considerable amount of leather — some combination of a leather jacket, pants, boots, and even gloves is often common. A leather frame that uses a similar color of leather can tie in well with your picture. This idea can also work well in other motorcycle-related applications. For example, if you have a deceased loved one who was an avid rider, you may feel that a leather frame around a photo of them on their bike is a good way to honor their memory.

Horse Riding

If you have a picture of you and a loved one on horses, a leather frame can be a good framing choice. For many people, riding horses is a bucket list item. Some people visit riding centers to ride around a ring, while others get a chance to ride horses on trails through the woods. If you've taken part in this activity and have one or more photos of the occasion that you want to display in your home, choose a custom leather frame in a brown hue that matches the horse saddles in the image.


A leather picture frame can also be an appropriate choice if you're framing a photo with content that relates to music. Perhaps you have a picture of when you were in a band when you were younger, or maybe you're an avid photographer who enjoys attending local concerts to shoot the performers. Given leather's connection with music — many artists in different genres wear leather jackets during performances — a black leather frame can support the image that you're framing. Visit a local custom framing studio like Nainsook Framing & Art to discuss your custom framing options.