Proper Care: Acrylic Paint Kit Maintenance

Posted on: 26 February 2021


When one gazes upon a vibrant and compelling piece of art, they may often wonder what elements were used to compose it. A show-stopping painting, for instance, may be composed of a variety of acrylic paints delicately swept on the canvas by a synthetic fiber brush. The tools of an artist are just as important as the works produced. For those who love to work with acrylic paints, properly maintaining their tools will express that they not only value art for what it becomes but for the components that created it in the first place. Here is a quick look at how to maintain an acrylic paint kit for long-lasting results. 

Placing acrylic paints in an organized palette is a highly recommended practice as this will not only help organize the paints but make taking care of them far easier on the artist. Palette sets can come in a variety of styles that allow for simple storage and preservation. Investing in a quality set of acrylics will also ensure that the paints themselves last as long as possible while still producing vibrant color and blend-ability. Acrylics, being extremely versatile and able to blend together very well, do have the unfortunate habit of also drying out quickly. Colors that have been blended together can be preserved as such so long as they are covered properly. Simply re-introducing water will allow the paint to soften and become workable once more.

Brushes are another important element of an acrylic paint kit. As the tools that bring the paint to the canvas, brushes should likewise be well looked after and taken care of by their owner. Especially with acrylic, brushes that have been left to dry with paint residue still attached to the bristles often become hardened. While in most cases a good wash with soapy warm water will do the trick, the better course of action is to prevent the brushes from accruing paint in the first place. While painting, placing the brushes on a dedicated brush stand will not only help organize these tools while the artist is at work, but will prevent clean brushes from touching those with paint on them. After completing a painting, brushes should be carefully cleaned in a warm soapy water mixture that will gently remove any paint residue while keeping the bristles in pristine shape. 

Artists often see the value in things that may go unnoticed by others. Bringing out the beauty that is previously unseen then becomes one of the great joys of being a painter. Just as a painter will then cherish and preserve a beloved piece of art, their tools should also be cared for. Acrylic paint and paintbrushes are the literal tools that make great works of art come to life and their care should be a priority. By correctly storing acrylic paints and maintaining their brushes, a painting waiting to be uncovered on the canvas can easily come to life. 

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