Bare Wall Solutions: 3 Ways To Spice Up Your New Apartment

Posted on: 23 August 2017


One of the final things you will do after moving into a new apartment is to decorate the walls. After you have painted the space, filled it with furniture, the final step is to decorate the walls. Unless you are into large bare walls, you are going to want to add some sort of decoration. And this can be a big choice for people who are not necessarily inclined towards interior design. However, there are lots of things you can choose to decorate your wall with. So, here are some things to choose from that will spice up the look of your apartment.

Classic Painting Reproduction Prints

If you are the type who loves going to museums and looking at Van Gogh or Picasso's, then you should consider an art print. You can get a beautiful reproduction of one of your favorite paintings and then hang it on your wall. The cool thing about getting a poster is that, besides being way less expensive than buying original art, is that you can get the posters in different sizes. So, for instance, if you like Starry Night, which is not a large painting in reality, you can get a poster sized to your desire. You can tailor the size of the artwork print to fit your space, be it a small studio or a large loft.

Wall Mural Sticky

If you don't like the idea of actual artwork, but would like someone that provides visual interest, then you should consider a large wall mural sticky. These can be placed directly on the wall and are perfect for people who are renting and cannot nail into the walls. You can get murals that are designed to look like flowers, or even choose ones that are abstract shapes. And if your apartment does not have a great view, you could always choose a large wall mural that mimics the ocean,or a beautiful sky or evening sunset.

Vintage Wall Hangings

There are other options besides murals, paintings, or prints is to get a vintage wall hanging. These are really cool and add a three dimensional aspect to the space. You can choose something such as a vintage wall mirror, an old hand illustrated map, or a beautiful tapestry. There are also wall hangings that are made up of vintage clock gears, or other items that could lend your apartment a steampunk aesthetic. You can even get a custom made wall hanging that is designed to fit your individual space. For more information, contact companies like Yesterday's Best.