A Larger-Than-Life Mural Could Be Inspiring At A Bodybuilding Gym

Posted on: 10 March 2020


Getting people to sign up for a membership stands as a top priority for anyone interested in keeping a gym's doors open. Retaining members also factors into the process. Marketing and branding both contribute to keeping and retaining members. Often, creative approaches that serve as secondary marketing strategies do more than the average business owner may think. There's a reason why many hardcore fitness gyms hire people to paint murals on the premises. The striking image of a mural does grab attention and leave an impression in people's minds. 

Murals and Hardcore Training

Blank walls don't move people emotionally or intellectually. A mural featuring legendary bodybuilding figures from the 1960s to the 1990s lifting weights might prove motivating. A potential new member may feel this is the gym for them after looking at the custom wall art. The artwork could have a psychological effect on people who train several times a week. They can lose themselves in the ambiance and get a good workout in. The murals help promote the "hardcore" nature of the gym, allowing the gym owner to target a particular type of client.

A Step Up on the Franchise Gyms

Smaller gyms must do what they can to stand apart from the franchise gyms. While a smaller gym's advertising budget might not be as big, a local fitness entrepreneur can be more creative. The nearby "big-box fitness center" won't usually employ creative artists to paint up the walls. At best, the walls will display a corporate logo and a catchphrase. Don't expect those dull images to change from year to year, either. A local gym competing for more serious lifters and fitness enthusiasts may find commissioning a mural to be a worthwhile investment. 

Murals Pack Emotion

Thanks to the careful hand of a great artist, a mural can present a great deal of emotion in its imagery. Little details and minor touches can bring artwork to life. Imagine a wall-sized image of a bodybuilding champion struggling to curl a final rep on a dumbbell. Forget the bulging arm, and think about the pain and passion on the lifter's face. If an artist captures that emotion, the image could strike an emotional chord. A series of similarly powerful images coming together to create a wall mural could be spectacular.

Inside and Out

Who says you're limited to presenting a mural inside the gym? A wall mural across the exterior bricks might reach a ton of eyes. And the exterior mural could deliver the same impact as the interior one but to a broader audience.

Maybe the time is right to call on a local mural artist today. The right artist could make a gym look incredibly special. Contact a company like Miss Hein Art to get started on your mural today.